[21~ MPEP E8r1 (February 2003) - Table of Contents
"Manual of Patent Examining Procedure"
Edition 8 (E8), August, 2001
Latest Revision February 2003
Latest Revision May 2004
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Title|HTML|PDF|| Title Page
Blue |HTML|PDF| Blue Pages
Intro|HTML|PDF| Introduction
0100 |HTML|PDF| 100 Secrecy, Access, National Security, and Foreign Filing
0200 |HTML|PDF| 200 Types, Cross-Noting, and Status of Application
0300 |HTML|PDP| 300 Ownership and Assignment
0400 |HTML|PDF| 400 Representative of Inventor or Owner
0500 |HTML|PDF|500 Receipt and Handling of Mail and Papers
0600 |HTML|PDF|600 Parts, Form, and Content of Application
0700 |HTML|PDF| 700 Examination of Applications
0800 |HTML|PDF| 800 Restriction in Applications Filed Under 35 U.S.C. 111; Double Patenting
0900 |HTML|PDF| 900 Prior Art, Classification, Search
1000 |HTML|PDF| 1000 Matters Decided by Various Patent and Trademark Office Officials
1100 |HTML|PDF| 1100 Statutory Invention Registration (SIR)
1200 |HTML|PDF| 1200 Appeal
1300 |HTML|PDF| 1300 Allowance and Issue
1400 |HTML|PDF| 1400 Correction of Patents
1500 |HTML|PDF| 1500 Design Patents
1600 |HTML|PDF| 1600 Plant Patents
1700 |HTML|PDF| 1700 Miscellaneous
1800 |HTML|PDF| 1800 Patent Cooperation Treaty
1900 |HTML|PDF| 1900 Protest
2000 |HTML|PDF| 2000 Duty of Disclosure
2100 |HTML|PDF| 2100 Patentability
2200 |HTML|PDF| 2200 Citation of Prior Art and Reexamination of Patents
2300 |HTML|PDF| 2300 Interference Proceedings
2400 |HTML|PDF| 2400 Biotechnology
2500 |HTML|PDF| 2500 Maintenance Fees
2700 |HTML|PDF| 2700 Patent Terms and Extensions
Ap I |HTML|PDF| Appendix I - Partial List of Trademarks
Ap II|HTML|PDF| Appendix II - List of Decisions Cited
Ap L |HTML|PDF| Appendix L - Patent Laws
Ap R |HTML|PDF| Appendix R - Patent Rules
Ap T |HTML|PDF| Appendix T - Patent Cooperation Treaty
Ap AI|HTML|PDF| Appendix AI - Administrative Instructions Under The Pct
Ap P |HTML|PDF| Appendix P - Paris Convention
Index|HTML|PDF| Index - Subject Matter Index

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